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What Others Say

"Don is great with his students, makes learning easy, and is always happy to help beyond receiving the A&P".

Thomas D

"I had attended a test prep program and failed my oral and practical test. I waited over a year before I started trying to prepare to retest. I was told about Don by another person he tested. Don met with me and explained the testing process in detail. He made recommendations on what I should study and guided me to videos that helped me with things I hadn't done before. I appreciate the extra time and effort he gave me".

Grateful  A&P

"The experience was eye-opening, Don was tough but fair. Preparing for the test pushed me to really understand the subjects much more than just memorizing questions".

Logan S

"Just wanted to say thank you for producing a website, AZ Technical Training where individuals in pursuit of the airframe and/or powerplant can visit in order to obtain accurate, correct, and streamlined information about the license. I wish I had access to this particular website whenever I started my powerplant license journey. Although your website was not up at that time, you still coached me through my journey. To be honest, I did not think I would ever obtain the license as the road was rough for me. You coordinated and scheduled remedial training for me which re-instilled that confidence I lacked. To this day, obtaining my powerplant license is one of my most memorable achievements". Thank you!

Dre Curl

"As an overseas UK student obtaining an A&P License, I was extremely nervous going into the Oral & Practical examinations of the course. However Dons’ calm, professional demeanor, as well as his ability to explain things in great detail through both knowledge and experience, helped ease that weight hugely. The entire process was handled very well and I am very happy with how Don conducted everything. I would highly recommend him."

Marcus N

"Preparing for my O&P exams was a tough one, Mr. Filippone's training sessions really got me prepared. Now I can happily say, I'm an FAA A&P licensed Mechanic... Thank you Don". 

Jermaine J

"The Oral and Practical can be a nervous thought. That is the feeling I had. I was nervous & didn't know what to expect. I reached out to Don & asked him his availability 3 months out. I wanted to give myself time to prepare. He expressed I wouldn't need 3 months to study. So he offered to meet with me and explain to me the process. I went to meet with Don & after that conversation, I felt I would do well. After using the study materials he suggested, I felt more confident than I have before. Days leading up to the test he checked on me periodically to see how I was doing. On test day, it felt as if it was a normal day. There was no pressure or 2nd guessing after studying the materials suggested. Needless to say, I passed the exam on the 1st try. And not even a month later I was offered a job at Endeavor Airlines. Thank you Don!"

Ryan A

"I took my Oral and Practical for my Airframe and Powerplant Certification with Don and he was very patient and helpful throughout the day. Instructions were clear as to what needed to be done. The hangar was organized well and had adequate equipment required for testing. In fact, one can learn a lot at his workshop and hangar. I would highly recommend Don if you're eager to learn more about general aviation or just want to take the test for your certification.

Alcuin R

I met Mr. Don Filippone when I was struggling with my Orals/Practicals in June, 2021. 


After four sessions of lectures and hands-on training, I became very confident taking the FAA General, Airframe, and Powerplant Orals/Practicals. 


Mr Don Filippone’s wealth of experience gave me a better understanding of commercial and general aviation which I wasn’t comfortable with while in school.


I currently work for Boeing in South Carolina as  a Maintenance Technician on the new 787 Dreamliner program. 


I can’t thank you enough for all you do. I believe a lot of students will get the help they need to succeed and become certified Mechanics with the new Website you have created. 

                                                                                     Abdul A

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