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Charles E. Taylor
(1868 - 1956)

The Wright Brothers Wanted to Fly but they needed a Mechanic to make it happen!

The first Aircraft Mechanic was Charles E. Taylor. Mr. Taylor, or "Charlie", was the Wright Brothers mechanic. 


When Orville and Wilbur needed an engine to power their Wright Glider, they were unable to find a manufacturer who could build one to their specifications and satisfaction.


This is when they turned to Charlie. Here we pay tribute to Charles Taylor because quite frankly, without him we wouldn't be aircraft mechanics.


Charles Taylor completed the first aircraft engine in February 1903.

The Mechanician:

A brief history of Charles E. Taylor

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FAA Master Mechanic & Master Pilot Awards.

A video about

Orville and Wilbur Wright and their Master Mechanic Charles Taylor

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Charles Taylor working at a vise in the Wright Company factory, 1911. 

Mechanic Charles E. “Charlie” Taylor making adjustments to the engine of the Wright Model A Flyer, 1908. 


Charles E. Taylor later years


In 1909 Taylor and Wilbur Wright attached a canoe to the bottom of the flyer in case of a water landing as Wright made the famous flight around the Statue of Liberty. Photo Courtesy of the Cradle of Aviation Musuem.

DAYTON, Ohio - A bronze bust honoring the first aviation mechanic, Charles E. Taylor, is now on permanent display in the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force's Early Years Gallery. (U.S. Air Force photo by Ken LaRock)

"National Aviation Maintenance Technician Day"

May 24 which is Charles Taylor's Birthday 


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