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Airframe and Powerplant Certification

Everything you'll need to know can be found here

Regardless of where you are in your journey to obtain your airframe and powerplant certificate, I can help you get there. Whether you maintain military aircraft, work on civil aviation aircraft, or are a graduate of a Part 147 program, I have what you need to be successful!

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You've Got Questions?
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Guide For Service Members 

Here you will learn what regulations pertain to aircraft mechanics, what the work experience requirements are, what Military Specialty Codes translate to FAA certificate authorization, what paperwork you’ll need, how and where to get FAA approval.

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Guide for AMT Students & Others

This area is for individuals wanting to attend an AMT program or have work experience and want to know if it translates to qualifying for the airframe and/or powerplant certificates. General overview of the certification process.

Study - The Right Stuff!

Most Comprehensive Study Materials!


Watch Select Videos of Instruction and Demonstrations for Practical Project Preparation!

The Written Tests

Oral & Practical Examinations

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Here you will learn detailed information about the three written examinations required for your airframe and powerplant certificate. 

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The Oral & Practical Test

Nothing shrouded in mystery here. You'll learn everything you'll need know. Detailed information about how tests are created and how they are administered by the Designated Mechanic Examiner. And most importantly, how to prepare for the test.

Awesome News!!

Industry Outlook

Here you'll see the employment outlook for airframe and powerplant mechanics. It's great news!


You'll also find links to employer job postings and other links with valuable information.

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Father Of All Mechanics

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Charles E. Taylor

(1868 - 1956)

The First Aviation Mechanic

Charlie Taylor was a brilliant, self-taught mechanic who made a crucial contribution to the Wright brothers’ invention of the airplane. When a suitable engine was not available for the first flight, he designed and built the first successful airplane engine in only six weeks. This made the Wright brothers’ pioneering powered flights possible.

Taylor began working in the Wrights’ bicycle business in 1896, and he played an important role in their flying experiments for several years. He also served as chief mechanic for the first transcontinental flight, from New York to California, achieved in 1911 by Cal Rodgers.

May 24 is Charlie Taylor’s birthday

and is celebrated as

Aviation Maintenance Technician Day

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